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Need a dead tree removed from your backyard? Not only does it raise questions from guests but poses great harm to your home and family. When it comes to the appearance of your landscape, the health of your trees and your family’s safety, Smith's Tree Service will be there. We offer affordable and reliable residential tree services. Trust us when seeking an expert’s intervention in removing diseased trees or keeping yours healthy and in excellent shape.

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Tailored Residential Tree Services for Any Circumstance

Delivering only the best customer service is in our DNA. So, for whichever residential tree service you need, we’ll tailor it to your conditions. Our residential tree experts offer a comprehensive range of tree services that are known to promote healthy tree growth.

    Tree Removal Service
    Tree Pruning Service
    Stump Grinding Service
    Tree Fertilization Service
    Tree Cutting Service
    Tree Cabling Service
    Tree Trimming Service

Your top-rated arborists at Smith's Tree Service are just a phone call away. You’re guaranteed a professional and safe residential tree service in Cobb County. Every tree service is handled with expert knowledge and safety in mind, with a core focus on property care. As a Georgia resident, you’d want the best upkeep for your trees, and we’re dedicated to providing you with unequaled tree care during the ever-changing seasons.

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