Emergency Tree Service When You Need it the Most

A Service Off the Cuff? No Problem for Us.

Prepared for Any Emergency Tree Service

An impending storm that has you worried about your trees usually calls for no time to research an emergency tree service professional. Bank on Smith's Tree Service to quickly assess your situation. We have undertaken a number of circumstances where trees have ended up crashing down on windows, cars and power lines. We are lauded for our impressive response time, detailed communication and professionalism in emergency tree services. Whether you are met with a safety concern or simply need tree removal or tree cutting service pronto, no job is ever too last minute. Our duty is to serve you in whatever way possible and for whenever the moment calls.

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Emergency Tree Services Designed for Last Minute Calls

What constitutes an emergency, you might wonder? However it means to you, it’s important to us. We manage a myriad of emergency tree services from tree cuttings to stump removals. While we’ve removed fallen trees from properties due to disastrous storms, we’ve extracted unsightly dead trees from homes on the market. Generally, homeowners contact us for the following:

    Decayed Trees
    Trees With Unusual Leaning
    Trees Too Close to Power Lines
    Diseased or Dead Branches
    Damaged Tree Trunks
    Trees With Fungus at the Roots

Feeling uncertain about your tree and its condition? At Smith's Tree Service, we believe it’s better to be safe than sorry. We care for Georgia homeowners and commercial property owners. If you need Cobb County’s best and trusted emergency tree service professionals, then don’t hesitate to call us.

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