Removing Trees Safely With Crane Removal

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While some opt for a chainsaw, others rely on cranes to get the job done. Unlike other ways to remove a tree, the crane removal process involves minimal damage to nearby landscapes. Additionally, this procedure removes trees faster and more safely. Let Smith's Tree Service manage your tree removal needs with our professional crane removal services.

We have 118 Ft reach and 28 Tn weight capacity

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What to Expect From a Crane Removal Service

A crane removal service is beneficial, especially in hazardous situations. This is true since the crane removal process is designed in a way that only trained and experienced tree surgeons can manage. A crane removal process involves the following:

    A tree is lifted vertically from the ground, piece by piece
    The tree is then transported to a drop zone
    Ground crews use special equipment to turn wood into mulch
    Likelihood of property damage is reduced

Hiring our crane removal team in Cobb County will make the tree removal process less of a hassle. We at Smith's Tree Service encourage a crane removal service, handled by our industry-leading professionals in Georgia. Especially in circumstances when a tree has been damaged or infested with pests, we advocate for a crane removal procedure as it greatly cuts down the risks. No need for tree climbers to jeopardize their safety or for people to stand in harm’s way — our professional crane removal company will tackle the job.

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